ID Agro, your partner in innovation!

To us, innovation means thinking out of the box, being open to different opinions and interests, creative design, the scrapping of poor ideas and the expansion and pursuing of good ideas. The Serrestal® is an example of such innovation.

ID Agro mainly focuses on the development and marketing of innovative housing systems for the livestock sector. In the development of its products, ID Agro places the farmer, the animals, the environment and society at the forefront.

The introduction of the revolutionary Cow Lounge® at the start of this century, with its fully translucent roof and unprecedented ventilation capability, was the beginning of a much discussed development. In the meantime, more than 250 Serrestallen® have been constructed and this housing concept has been widely accepted as a fully-fledged alternative to traditional structures.

ID Agro, with its own design & construction department, is an innovative partner to its customers. We can manage the design, the concession application and the actual realisation of your structure. With our barn concepts, we focus on aspects like durability, improved animal wellbeing and better working conditions. You will receive all of this for a lower investment and you will have unique opportunities for modular expansion.

Having started out in the cattle industry, we have similarly developed concepts to suit other livestock sectors, including the swine-, poultry-, sheep-, goat- and equine industries.

During 2009, we added the Roundhouse® to our product range. With its characteristic shape, ideal ventilation capability and well thought-out handling system, the Roundhouse® concept was initially developed for the housing of slaughter cattle. As it turns out, the concept also offers immense opportunities for dairy cattle, swine and sheep on all kinds of free-range floors.

Over the past years, much time has been spent on the development of free-range barns for dairy cattle. In addition to a well-considered structure with excellent ventilation capability and a translucent roof, we are focusing on the development of a free-range floor with limited emissions. Here, we have worked on two promising systems. One is the biobodem, a climate-controlled compost floor. The other is the weidevloer, a synthetic floor which forms an integral part of the Cow Garden.