Cow Lounge®

The needs of animals as well as the requirements of modern-day livestock farmers have been integrated into the design of the Serrestal®. The result of this is a distinctive structure with optimal ventilation which allows the ideal amount of daylight to enter.

As its base, the Cow Lounge® has a hot-dipped galvanised steel structure with a roof consisting of a combination of high-quality synthetic sheeting.

ID Agro’s strength lies in the fact that its supplies standard or customised solutions at competitive prices. Stable arrangement and the customer’s requirements are definitive during the planning of the structure.

Every stable is different and, as a result, unique structural calculations are prepared in each case. Our structures conform to the same construction standards as those of traditional stables. In fact, we take a higher snow load into account because a build-up of snow can occur. To place this into perspective, the Cow Lounge® is constructed taking triple the snow load as that of e.g. horticultural structures into account.

Many people are not aware that, despite the dark colour scheme of the roof, an unprecedented bright environment without extra radiant heat is created inside. This is thanks to the unique combination of roof coverings specially developed by ID Agro. In addition to our non-insulated roofing concepts, we can equip the Cow Lounge® with roof insulation.

This roof structure plays a significant role in our housing systems for intensive livestock farming operations.

A number of wall construction material combinations can be used. Often, we use prefabricated concrete units, steel sheet piling or sandwich panelling. We also use a large range of mechanical and natural ventilation systems. Wall- and roofing materials conform to the applicable fire safety regulations.

Since the introduction of the Cow Lounge® in 2001, ID Agro has also been able to provide ridge ventilation options in support of cross ventilation. These include the permanently open ridge (MDV (Sustainable Livestock Farming Regulator) certified), the Move variant and the Cabrio roof.

Although the roof shape differs from commonly used stable designs, its subdued colouring and its restricted ridge height ensures that it integrates into its environment. Based on years of experience and more than 250 Cow Lounges® constructed throughout the Netherlands, we are able to confidently present our well thought-out Cow Lounge® building plans to communities and building regulation organisations.

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