The Horse Lounge™

Innovative, rejuvenating and refreshing for the equine industry.

ID Agro introduces the Horse Lounge® and The Roundhouse, two innovative and renewing structures for the equine industry. These buildings are ideally suited to accommodating individual- or groups of horses. We can also cover your training facility or arena.

This method of construction has been applied with great success for almost 10 years to create housing for other types of animals. This housing concept is popular in the cattle industry due to the excellent indoor environment it creates. Unprecedented ventilation capability is combined with controlled daylight entry, the latter creating diffused lighting.

As a result, there are no brightly lit, warmer areas. Such areas develop when traditional roofing with skylights or roof lights is used.

Advantages of light

Horses require sufficient daylight without being exposed to large amounts of radiant heat. As mentioned, diffused light is preferred in stables as well as in arenas. The Horse Lounge® fulfils this demand by providing diffused lighting, while still allowing UV-rays to enter. 

UV-rays are necessary for the production of vitamin D3, essential in order to combat rickets, a bone disease which originated in Britain. Research has repeatedly shown that housing which does not allow sufficient (day)light to enter - in which horses have little visual contact with other horses – is likely to cause behavioural problems like weaving, cribbing and wind-sucking at an earlier stage. With respect to this, the Horse Lounge® also offers significant advantages when compared to traditional stabling.


Airy stables with controlled ventilation capability positively affect horses’ thermo-regulation. The animals’ natural immune systems are reinforced, resulting in better health. 
The Horse Lounge® is equipped with effective ventilation capability. This is essential in order to provide good housing for horses. Effective and controlled ventilation keeps the relative humidity at acceptable levels. Excessive concentration of certain gasses in combination with high temperatures and humidity can result in the diminished strength of the respiratory immune system.

A higher concentration of ammonia occurs especially during the mucking out of stables. The Horse Lounge® offers solutions by providing well-planned ventilation options in the walls as well as in the roof. 

The Horse Lounge® can be supplied with various roof textile configurations and can be fitted with a working roof as standard. In the case of the Horse Lounge Cabrio®, the entire roof can be rolled open, making the indoor area an outdoor facility. This is an ideal solution for an arena, and the concept has meanwhile been applied to other sporting facilities. Such an option for equestrian sports was never available at a viable price. However, with the Horse Lounge Cabrio®, ID Agro has placed this option within the reach of the equine industry. 

The Horse Lounge Move® variant allows additional ventilation above horse stables. Part of its roof can be opened and closed without requiring the use of a ladder.

Modular concept

The modular characteristics of the structure make it ideally suited to the horse farmer with an ongoing growth strategy. Because the eave height is equal all the way around and the structure has sufficient height, its length and breadth can simply be extended. In this way, a column-free spanned arena with, on one side of it, a walkway and a single (or double) row of boxes can later be extended to include multiple rows of boxes on the other side of the arena.

Low costs

The Horse Lounge® is the ideal alternative by which to considerably reduce your housing costs and increase your and your horses’ comfort.

A summary of Horse Lounge advantages:

  • By applying modular construction methods, the Horse Lounge can be erected within a relatively short period of time when compared to traditional stables. In addition, it is easy to extend your existing Horse Lounge®.
  • Mares’ heat cycles and stallions’ recognition of this considerably improves if more light is available.
  • The large amount of light let through by the translucent roof covering contributes to the wellbeing of your horses.
  • A large part of the daily activities take place in the stables and the arena, and the brightness within these buildings contributes to creating a pleasant working environment.
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