Industrial covers

Due to the modular and flexible nature of our roof structures, they are ideal for use in the covering of industrial goods. Applications can include the covering of hoppers, storage areas, showrooms and walkways.

The use of sheet-covered structures can make the covering of temporary storage or large-volume products viable due to its attractive pricing.

With our large range of sheets and screens, we can anticipate a useful life of between 10 and 20 years.

In all cases, our steel structures are made to be durable and are treated to prevent corrosion.

Depending on the required specifications, the construction of various coverings is possible. Column-free spans of up to 18 metres are commonplace, but spans of more than 25 metres can be constructed.

The most frequently used sheets and screens are translucent, allowing daylight to penetrate. A shade screen is also often added in order to limit the entry of direct sunlight.

Insulated passages

If necessary, we can insulate the roofs and walls of passageways. For roofs, air- or glass wool insulation can be selected. The walls are often constructed using insulated prefabricated concrete units or steel sandwich panels.

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