Loose Housing

The demand for the housing of animals in a more natural environment with more freedom of movement is growing ever larger. Traditional cubicles restrict cattle in lying down or getting up. Since the 1970’s, the search has been on for an optimum cubicle design, but it’s never been found.

The demand for the increased useful life of cattle has accelerated the development of loose housing stables. Along with a number of partners, ID Agro has been focussing its attention on two promising loose housing systems.

On the one hand there is the Biobodem™, a climate-controlled compost base. On the other hand, the Koeientuin, a loose housing stable which combines a synthetic floor with a natural environment created by adding large amounts of foliage. 

Aspects which are significant to these design principles are improved animal wellbeing, the creation of aesthetically pleasing structures, improved environmental integration, lower ammonia emissions and economic viability.


A dry top layer is essential for all loose housing stable concepts. It is important that cattle are able to rest in dry areas. Maximum wall- and roof ventilation make it possible to optimally manage this.

ID Agro offers a number of roof ventilation options.

Cow Lounge® move

Roof ventilation by means of extracting trusses, available in single- and double sided models.

Cross ventilation can remove the hot air from barns, or it can be removed via the trusses. You can choose to have multiple trusses equipped with an automatically operated roof faces. Depending on alignment, you can select extra air extraction or –input.

Options include the column-free covering of the barn floor.

Serrestal® cabrio

Ridge ventilation by which the entire roof can be rolled away. Available in single- and double sided models.

With the Cow Lounge® cabrio system, the entire roof can be rolled away, meaning that ‘indoors becomes outdoors’ and the maximum amount of ventilation is achieved. Only the steel structure remains visible. Options include the column-free covering of the barn floor.


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