The Roundhouse®

The Roundhouse® is characterised by its simplicity. Its natural round shape dates back to the Bronze Age. In this barn concept, the round shape is further optimised through the use of modern materials and techniques. The result is a barn concept in which animal health, work convenience and cost-efficiency are the top priorities.

In principle, the Roundhouse® was designed for slaughter cattle. However, it lends itself well to use for dairy cattle, transition cows, juveniles, or to shelter a rotary milking parlour. With a 30,25 metre diameter, 718 m² is available for the cattle. This area can be divided into segments as standard.

A control area is situated in the centre of the structure. This area is connected to the outside of the structure and is therefore easily accessed by the farmer. All the animals from a single section can fit into this area and can be led by a single person to the integrated handling box or to a loading area to be transported.
The animals can also be locked into the central area while the safe adding of straw or mucking out takes place.


The hot-dipped steel structure consists of a single central column onto which framework rafters are mounted onto each of its 8 sides. This design results in a perfectly round shape. The entire steel structure is completely covered with a made-to-measure high-quality synthetic sheet. The open structure with its flowing roof shape, inspired by textile architecture, provides an attractive aesthetic view from all sides, making the barn blend in with its environment. 

Construction time

The total construction time necessary and the risks posed by overhead work can be limited to a minimum because the whole structure, including the roof, can be assembled at ground level. The entire structure is then lifted via the central column while the outer columns are hinged inwards.

The roof has a large overhang, making side walls unnecessary. This open round shape guarantees excellent ventilation, since there are no dead corners in the structure. The top of the roof structure is fitted with an open ridge with a 10 m² surface area. Air from all sides can be drawn through this opening.

The Roundhouse’s® open characteristics also create a bright working- and living environment for humans and animals. The ventilation and brightness aspects both contribute to a healthy barn climate and superior animal comfort.

Rain collection & design

Rainwater drainage is fully integrated into the design, making it simple to collect this water for re-use. The Roundhouse® can also be equipped with railings, a handling box and animal drinking facilities.

Facts & Figures

  • The structure has a diameter of 30,25 metres,
  • Its 718 m² indoor area can be divided into segments,
  • The central control area makes the handling and removing of animals - and the mucking out and replacing of hay - very easy,
  • The control area can always be accessed from outside the structure, 
  • The round shape, open sides and 10 m² open ridge guarantee excellent ventilation capability,
  • The round shape, open sides and 10 m² open ridge guarantee excellent ventilation capability,
  • Ground-level assembly contributes to the quick and safe construction of the structure,
  • The roof consists of an extremely strong PVC-coated sheet that is tightly stretched across the frame,
    Applicable to various categories of animals, including transition cows, slaughter cattle, sheep and juveniles.
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