Modular Feed Kitchen

By the end of 2017 ID Agro and Lely introduced the first modular feed kitchen. Since this introduction Lely and ID Agro have extensively tested and refined the design to further improve its applicability for the Vector feed system and meet the needs of the farmer. The modular feed kitchen is a made-to-measure solution. Eight standard concepts have been developed and the possibilities for extension are numerous. ID Agro and Lely unburden the customer with this all-in-one concept. Providing the customer with advantage of only one contact person for the entire process.  

Maximum flexibility 

The feed kitchen consist of two rooms: the feed storage room in which various types of feed can be stored in bulk, packages or blocks and the mixing room. Depending on weather conditions and the size of the feed kitchen, you can store up to three days of feed. The crane assembly, with feed grabber installed in the feed kitchen, moves back and forth above the feed, and picks it up as required.  

The IPE construction for the grabber has been integrated into the roof. The feed kitchen is generally fitted with a large roll-up door, making the kitchen fully accessible at once allowing for quick and efficient filling of the feed kitchen. Furthermore the mixing room offers sufficient place for control boxes, mineral dispensers and bagged goods. 


There are eight standard concepts which can be chosen based on the number of animals which need to be fed and the type of feed. Due to the modular design, the feed kitchen can be easily extended if needed in the future. Furthermore this well though-out construction makes assembly easier and requires a shorter preparation time. 

The feed kitchen has been designed to meet all the requirements of the Lely Vector system and of course to adhere to the construction norms. ID Agro has been a specialist in barn building for over 20 years and unburdens both the Lely Center and the farmer by organising the design, planning and construction of the feed kitchen. 

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Customer quotes

Johan Mulder
Johan Mulder

"The collaboration between Lely and ID Agro makes one and one three. This makes the built of a feed kitchen very practical for the farmer and everybody thinks along. "