Solar Panels on a Cow Lounge

Taking the increasing demand for sustainable energy in consideration, ID Agro has in the past year started a cooperation with a supplier of solar panels to investigate the possibilities of applying the panels on the roof of a Cow Lounge. The solar panels are composed of cells which are made out of mono crystalline, poly crystalline or thin-film. All common-used solar energy systems can just as easily be applied to the roof of a Cow Lounge as on traditional roofs. In most cases the same materials can be used to mount the solar panels.

Solar energy systems are usually placed on the roofs of existing or newly built stables. One of the many advantages of solar panels as opposed to other forms of sustainable energy such as windmills or Biogas installations, is the fact that solar panels do not take up any valuable building space on the ground. In addition, in most cases no special permit is required for solar panels which saves time and money.

A few things are essential for the mounting and the generated revenue of the solar panel:
• The number of sun hours
• Angle of solar radiation
• Angle of inclination and position
• Quality of the panel

Due to the expansion of applications of solar energy in the past decades and the increasing demand, the development of the various systems has accelerated in the last few years. De technological development in terms of production processes and revenue, has been further optimised. As a consequence, the assortment in systems has increased and the prices have decreased. The development of thin-film material for solar cells are an on-going process. This offers extra opportunities for an innovative concept such as the Cow Lounge.

Are you considering building a Cow Lounge and would you like to know more about the possibilities for the application of solar panels, please do not hesitate to contact us! We can provide you with the right information and assist you in the decision process for the right set-up and position for your stable.

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