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ID Agro has developed a number of housing concepts for the poultry industry. On the one hand, a well-insulated barn and - on the other hand - a bright and economical free-range area.

Insulated barns

The base for our poultry barn is a hot-dip galvanised steel structure. This steel structure can be customised according to the customer’s specifications. Depending on the chosen system, a column-free span of up to approximately 16 metres can be constructed. The eave height can be specified, although heights of 3 to 4 metres are common. Greater eave heights are possible in the construction of multi-storey systems. On wider barns, the roof consists of a number of arches with broad, insulated gullies which can be walked on.

The roof consists of multiple layers of extremely strong and durable woven sheet with a 12 cm layer of glass wool (thickness optional) between them. The glass wool sections overlap, ensuring that the entire roof is seamlessly and effectively insulated.

The walls are fitted with insulated sandwich panels and/or insulated prefabricated concrete units. If the chickens have outdoor access, the barn walls can be equipped with a rolling access curtain. Ventilation can be supplied naturally (by means of access curtains) or mechanically (by means of inlets and roof/wall fans).

For free-range-, Freiland- and biological poultry farms, a conservatory can be attached to the barn. The conservatory roof is often fitted with a transparent sheet which is covered by a fine-mesh shade screen, creating a bright indoor environment without direct sunlight.

The correct colour scheme combined with high-quality workmanship make these barns blend in with the environment.


In addition to integral poultry barns, we also construct conservatories adjacent to existing and traditional barns. Because of limited space between two existing barns or low eave heights, these are often customised projects.

The framework arches are made of hot-dipped galvanised steel and are covered with an extremely strong and durable roof covering and shade screen. The outer shade screen reduces the amount of light and gives the structure a subdued colour.

We construct insulated conservatories for slaughter chickens. Here, the roof is, once again, fitted with a layer of glass wool.

If the chickens have outdoor access, a wall can be fitted with a rolling access curtain. The end walls can be constructed using a range of materials. 

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