Cow Lounge for dairy goats

The Cow Lounge® is ideal for the housing of dairy goats. Daylight in the barn strongly influences the fertility of the animals. It’s easier for goats to handle seasonal changes and shorter days experienced during the summer to winter transition period if they are housed in a Serrestal®.

As is the case with cattle, we can construct the Cow Lounge® exactly according to your specifications. It doesn’t matter whether you select a feed passage - or feed conveyer system. If you choose to have a barn with 4 bins, the support column can simply be placed in the centre of the barn. Then the bins can be filled from the feed path without obstruction.


Most goat barns can be adequately ventilated using cross ventilation. Wider barns and especially barns without feed passages can have one or more Move ridges installed in their roofs.

In waiting areas and milking parlours, the spanned area can be increased so that rapid-exit, side-by-side and rotor milking stalls are covered by our roof structure.

The goat industry exemplifies the modular characteristics of the Cow Lounge®. A barn with 4 bins can easily be expanded to a barn with 6 bins by adding a span of around 13 metres. 

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