Roundhouse in Volcan Eifel

The Kordel family from Mehren, Germany ordered ID Agro at the end of 2013 to build a Roundhouse for their suckler cows. The building is part of a Leader-project of the Bundes Ministry Rheinland-Pfalz. The aim of the project is to safeguard and amplify the cultural values of the landschape in this area which is characterised by its typical volcanic lakes (Maaren). The Roundhouse of the Kordel family is aimed to hold up to 100 suckler cows and calves of the German Gelbvieh breed. The other aim of the project is therefore to maintain this ancient breed and let it graze in the beautiful scenery. The total project from foundation untill the implementation of the building lasted only 1,5 months. 

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