Biggest Roundhouse for dairy cattle

In the landscape of the Dutch province Groningen, the first Roundhouse 45 of the European main land has been built. The barn takes its names from the diameter between the columns. However, the extensive overhang gives the entire building an overall diameter of 50 meter. This results in a total surface of 1963 m² of which 1590 m² is located inside the feed fences. A total of 100 dairy cows are being kept in the barn on a straw bedding which offers plentifull space for all the animals. 

The straw bedding is located in the large center part of the barn and is placed 60 centimeter below the level of the slacks. The slacks on the perimeter of the barn cover a 3 meter deep slurry pit behind the feed fences.  

The roof construction has been completed re-designed to fit this special barn allowing it to carry the load of the 2,5 tons circulating straw spreader. Hanging from the roof construction the spreader can reach the entire barn. Furthermore the barn was given a height of 12 meters in order to create a beautiful round shape. This shape and the sympathetic roof colours let the building blend in to the landscape. A characteristic which not only proves usefull in the landscape of Groningen but works in other corners of the world as well. 

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