Farmer Back expands sustainable Future Farm with a second wooden Roundhouse

Last year we built a wooden Roundhouse 30 at Farmer Back’s Future Farm and we recently built a second wooden Roundhouse. Together these form a ‘Twin set-up’.

Farmer Back is a well-known livestock farmer in the region; he is best known for his Future Farm, which won the ‘Agricultural Entrepreneur of the Year’ award last year.
His goal is to close the complete cycle at his own livestock farm. This means keeping all calves on the farm. The bull calves and dry cows have already been housed in the first Roundhouse. By building the second Roundhouse, all bull calves can be finished at Future Farm. ‘Boerbackvlees’ is the outlet for the delicious sustainable meat produced on the farm.

The first Roundhouse that we built has a central control area. The Twin set-up allows this area to also be accessed from the second Roundhouse via a passageway. The gate can be swung away,  allowing easy feeding all around.

As well as building the second Roundhouse, we also constructed a Modular Feed Kitchen for the Lely Vector. The animals in the cattle house and in the two Roundhouses can be fed with different rations from the Modular Feed Kitchen.


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