Varkenshoff - Swine Yard

This project literally takes the outside and brings it indoors. The natural habitat of the pig is recreated as much as possible. Pigs are forest animals, hence the trees and bushes in the barn. By adapting as much as possible to the needs of the pigs, an attempt is being made to make them dispose the manure in the right spot. The air in the barn is being sucked through the flower beds and therefore being filtered. The semi-translucent roof en the translucent facades provide an optimal climate for both the pigs and the plants to grow. 

After only a few days, the young piglets live togehter with the sows in stable groups. These groups stay together and always in the same room. In the front the brood sows are located, in the back the heavier slaughter pigs can be found. 

The building has an appealing exterior by making use of protruding trusses, a colour scheme which blends easily into the landscape and transparent side walls. The barn contains a luxurous skybox (40-50 pax) with a fully-equipped kitchen. The skybox gives access to the gantry from which people have a good view over the barn. 



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