Cows dancing in new loose housing stable

On the 15th of October the loose housing stable of Co and Marion Hartman has been put into use. During the press presentation, the cows went into the barn dancing - closely watched by a large group of interested journalists and visitors. 


The barn is equipped with a 'BioBodem', a climate-controlled compost bedding. This system is a combination of a biofilter and a compost bedding. The heat generated by the composting of the soil leads to a dry and comfortable bedding.  The soil also functions as a biofilter, the air which is sucked through the bedding, allows the nitrogen to bind in the soil.   

Cow Lounge® Cabrio

Apart from the excellent ventilation through the façades, this barn offers the possibillity to fully open the roof over the bedding. The roof rolls away like with a convertible, hence the name Cabrio. Opening the roof will take only 20 seconds. The roof is equipped with a rain sensor and if needed will close automatically. Two domes of the barn have been equipped with the Cabrio roof, the other domes have been provided with a semitranslucent roof cover, providing shade in the barn.  

A unique feature of the barn is the large awning on both the front and rear façade. This gives the roof a floating appearance. The colour scheme has been chosen so the building blends in well in the landscape. 

All the pictures below have been taken only 2 hours after the opening! 


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