Future Farm of Duchy College, Stoke Climsland

In 2020 we have built a Cow Lounge by order of Duchy College. 

In the beautifull rolling hills of Cornwall. this Cow Lounge with a surface of over 5200 m² serves several purposes. The barn building is used for education, research and innovation. The facility houses a total of 220 dairy cows in 3 groups. These different groups of animals can be fed and milked separately and also the manure system are completely separated. This offers the possibility of reseaching for instance the influence of feed on production and animal health, as well as the influence on the manure and usage of land.

The walkways and cubicles are outlined perpendicular to the arches. This calls for a specific design of the superstructure. Resulting in a design with a large free span combined with only 16 columns on the inside of this large surface and still allowing a Trioliet feed robot to hang from the roof construction.  




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