Cow Lounge® Isolated

Swine & poultry farming clearly place a different set of demands on a barn system than, say, a cattle farm does. For this reason, ID Agro has designed a completely new roof structure for this sector, while retaining the Cow Lounges® specific trademark, its translucent roof!

Light & Wellbeing

Even though the roof looks dark from the outside, an unprecedented amount of light enters the Cow Lounge®. This ensures that the animal experience a natural biorhythm (day & night rhythm). This significantly contributes to the wellbeing of the animals. A naturally lit working environment also contributes to pleasant working conditions for the swine farmer and his employees.


Because of its modular construction, the Cow Lounge® is extremely flexible when compared to traditional stables. The modular construction makes assembly of the structure simple and permits future extension (step-by-step if preferred) in any desired direction. The structure’s walls can be built using various materials, from prefabricated concrete units to sandwich panelling. This ensures that construction is possible on any base.

Environmental integration

A Cow Lounge® integrates very well into its environment. The construction of wide structures prevents high ridges, something which rapidly becomes the case when traditional saddle roofs are used. The structure also blends into the landscape due to its subdued colour scheme. The Cow Lounge® proves that a large structure does not have to look bulky.

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